Birch Tree Man Charged with Sexual Misconduct

edited by Amanda Mendez, publisher
On August 21, the Shannon County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of a live-stream video of an encounter between a man representing the entity “Truckers Against Predators (T.A.P.)”, and Richard Holford of Birch Tree, Missouri. The incident took place in Strafford, Missouri revealed a press release from the Sheriff’s office. 
The T.A.P. representative received information regarding Holford making contact with another T.A.P. representative, who was posing as a 13-year-old female online. 
After learning of the age of the “female”, Holford continued to hold conversations repeatedly, with this female, sending pictures of his genitalia, discussing intimate activities they would perform, and eventually devising a plan to meet her and take her to live with him in Birch Tree.
The T.A.P. representative negotiated a time and place to meet in Strafford where Holford stated that he believed he was picking up the 13 -year-old female, to take home with him, to be his “girlfriend”.
Upon realization that there was no 13-year-old female, Holford returned to Birch Tree. Shannon County Deputy Dustin Lyon located Holford and took him into custody on a 24 hour hold, filing for a warrant through the Shannon County Prosecuting Attorney, Jodie Brumble, on charges of enticement of a child, sexual misconduct involving a child and furnishing pornographic materials to a minor.
The warrant was granted, and Holford remains in custody at the Shannon County Jail, at this time.

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