Bulk Water Sales Halted Indefinitely

PWSD #3 will Not Repair their Bulk Water Equipment
At the regular board meeting of PWSD #3 outside Willow Springs on November 12, Director John Sullivan confirmed the water district has permanently stopped the sale of bulk water. 
The decision was one of “fiduciary responsibility,” he explained. Initially, the broken hydrant that allowed for bulk water sales seemed to be a simple, relatively inexpensive fix. However, a repair is not possible. The hydrant was made in 1995, and will need to be completely replaced to be functional, Sullivan said. 
The cost of a replacement would be around $3,500. Bulk water sales to individuals and fire departments generates only $350 to $400 per year. 
The bulk water service was only used by five or six families, the district reported, all of whom reside outside the district. 
It is part of the water district’s mission statement to provide “affordable” water service to its stakeholders, so it is the board of director’s responsibility to spend their money wisely, Sullivan concluded. 
Bulk water service remains available in Mountain View near the fire station for parties who require it. Local fire departments have access to other hydrants for their needs.
by Amanda Mendez, publisher

Howell County News

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