City goes another year without pool

As summer comes to an end, the city of Mountain View will go another year without a pool. Mountain View Pool Manager Kayla Zimmerman and Assistant Manager Becky Barnes gave an update on the progress of the facility during a board of alderman meeting held Aug. 8
Zimmerman presented the alderman with packets on the progress of the pool and what still needs to be completed. Alderman Lindell Vandevort asked if the pool would open this season. Mayor John Krasuski explained that there was work left to complete, and that it would not open as hoped this year. Zimmerman went on to elaborate that her crew has been hard at work updating the pool facilities. Cleaning, painting, replacing old counters and updating appliances have been the focus for the last month. Zimmerman has been keeping community members apprised of the work being done by posting regularly on the pool’s Facebook page. Zimmerman plans to work the remainder of the year in order to be ready to go for next year’s grand opening. As stated in previous articles, the city has laid the groundwork for the pool and essentially done as much as they can. The remainder of the work relies heavily on the construction company and weather.
In other items, the board heard updates from the Mtn. View Chamber of Commerce and Robin McCullough on the upcoming Buck Nelson festival. For the festival, there will be an art show, glow run, adult dance, space jam skate, food vendors, street vendors and a parade. Sponsorships are being offered for $100, and all of the proceeds from the event are going to benefit the youth center, youth soccer, and other youth sports organizations.
Several resolutions were given their second reading including Bill 1372 Resolution 23-07-11 authorizing the mayor to sign documents to apply for USDA grant for purchase of a police vehicle; and Bill 1373 Ordinance 1742 an ordinance amending Ch. 69 Utilities, Chapter C Electricity, Section 69.830 Electric Rates allowing the city to adjust electric rates based upon what the city pays for electricity. All received an all-in-favor vote from the board.
Bill 1379 Resolution 23-08-0801 authorizes the mayor to sign a mutual release in order to release all parties from the contract the city had with Steve Arnold. This property is no longer owned by Arnold, and the new owners do not wish to have city utilities run to the property. The previous contract was for utilities with Arnold and with the sale of the property, the contract is no longer in force. The board voted all-in-favor.
A Request for Qualifications for the streets was approved by the board. The Jacks Forks Community Foundation pledged to pay the copay, and Mayor Krasuski needs authorization in order to proceed.
In new business relating to the Mountain View-Birch Tree School District, Bill 1378 Ordinance 1746 which amends Ch. 42 Zoning would allow the dividing of two lots in order to create a third lot for Simmons Bank to separate a building to donate to the school district. Both were voted all-in-favor by the board.
The district’s Assistant Superintendent Ryan Chowning spoke to the board about entering into a 20-year lease agreement for the Herb Henry Baseball Field. The school wants to make improvements to the facility including new bleachers, lights and fencing. Included in this lease, the school would be responsible for maintaining the fields and property. The approval of this lease agreement will be on the agenda for the September meeting.
Wrapping up the meeting several first and second readings were done of resolutions and ordinances. Bill 1374 Resolution 23-08-08, authorizing the Treasurer of the City of Mtn. View to sign a request for Simmons Bank to increase the City of Mtn. View’s credit card limit; Bill 1375 Ordinance 1743 amending Ch. 70 Fire Department. This ordinance would change what charges would be to non-members for fire department response; Bill 1376 Ordinance 1744 amending Ch. 42 Zoning for the rezoning of the property previously known as 1109 St Rt Y from R-1 to AG, property owned by Brad Glass; and Bill 1377 Ordinance 1745 amending Ch. 42 Zoning. This amendment would grant a variance to Steven and Laura Clark to construct a 26’ by 60’ garage at 319 W Third Street to replace an existing 20’ by 22’ garage. All were voted all-in-favor by the board.
News members were added to the Planning and Zoning Committee. It was discussed at the last planning and zoning meeting held on July 31 that there was a need to add additional members. The board elected to have Karen Gaddy and Calvin Perry as full-time members. Jesse Henry would be an alternate.
Concluding the open session portion of the meeting, Mayor John Krasuski covered his “Mayor’s Minutes.” Mayor Krasuski asked the council to consider the purchase of a new pump to replace the last dilapidated one in the lift station. The mayor went on to say that this would save the city roughly $7,500 and would bring several areas back up to a buildable section of town with increased sewer availability. The board disagreed and did not want to authorize any spending of money for a lift station at this time but encouraged the mayor to look into pricing.
Monty Williamson was invited by Mayor Krasuski to speak about the Mtn. View Community Outreach Center located in the old Town and Country building. Williamson went on to state that the center has donated between 9,000 and 13,000 pieces of clothing since opening their doors. They are now a corporation, and they can benefit organizations like the Sheltered Workshop, DFS and local nursing homes. The center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located on Fifth Street. Clothing is always free, and donations are always being accepted. Yard sale items that are for sale inside the building help to pay rent, utilities, and insurance for the building.
Chief of Police Jamie Perkins took this time to update council that he had three officers start this past week, with one of those being a cadet.
The meeting then went into closed from a motion made by Alderman Vandevort, with an all-in-favor from the board. Coming back into open session, Alderman Steven Sills made a motion to allow Sanitation Supervisor Dave Abbey to purchase recycle bags for the year. The motion passed with an all-in favor-from the board.  The meeting adjourned around 9:00 p.m.
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