City of Willow Springs “Cautious” about Enforcing Cemetery Ordinance

by Amanda Mendez, publisher
At the City Council meeting on August 20, City Administrator Beverly Hicks presented concerns about maintenance issues at the City Cemetery to the mayor and Board of Aldermen.
“I want to be cautious and respectful to loved ones who have lost a family member when having this discussion,” she began.
In essence, maintaining the cemetery has become difficult and time consuming for City workers because of flowers, lights, monuments, and statuary that have been placed on the ground. The presence of these items interferes with regular mowing. 
“Charlie [Green] has done a great job with trying to make sure everything gets put back in the proper place after weed eating,” Hicks pointed out. “We do have an ordinance in place prohibiting the placement of items on the ground.”
Hicks’ purpose in bringing it to the Council’s attention was to prepare them for possible phone calls or complaints from the public in response to efforts at enforcement. 
The council members unanimously agreed to begin enforcing the ordinance more strictly and to hand it out a copy of the rule when a cemetery plot is sold.

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