City of Willow Springs Changing Trash Service Providers

At the City Council meeting on July 16, Mayor Brooke Fair and the Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to switch solid waste collection service providers from WCA to Dugger Trash Service (DTS). Willow Springs has used WCA for trash collection services since 2010, and following a recent solicitation for bids, received quotes from two bidders. 
WCA and DTA appeared before the Council to present their bids at the regular July meeting. At the City’s request, both bids included polycart service, which is new for the City. 
DTS quoted a cost of $11.25 per month for residential customers and $12.25 for commercial customers with a $75 per ton charge for Spring cleaning. DTS does not offer recycling services. The quote will hold these prices steady for five years. 
Rick and Missy Dugger were personally present, and Rick promised, “I believe I can partner with this city and can do a good job...I’ll be a cell phone call away.”
WCA purchased the City’s trash collection business for $450,000 in 2010. Their quote with polycarts was $11.80 per month for residential customers, and $15.00 for commercial customers. WCA does offer a recycling option, which would have been available to all residents at a rate of $14.00 per month. Their Spring clean-up option costs $100 per ton.  In addition to the bid, WCA was offering a 5% refund to the City as an “administration fee” to help the City recoup the costs of billing and collection. 
City Administrator Beverly Hicks gave her take on the bids to the Council, which revealed that City Hall staff members have had numerous and continuing issues with customer service with WCA. 
“In the last few years, there have been problems I’ve had to handle personally with Max [Murray from Municipal Marketing at WCA],” she said. 
Hicks said the references DTS provided like their customer service and their “small corporation feel.”
“I am making the recommendation that we move forward with DTS,” she said. 
Alderman Troy Yonker made a Motion to move forward with DTS as the City’s service provider. Phil Knott seconded it, and the Motion passed unanimously. 
The quoted prices above represent the City’s cost, not the cost residents and businesses will pay in Willow Springs.

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