Commission Approves COPS Grant for Two New Deputies

On July 16, the Howell County Commission unanimously passed the funding for the COPS Hiring Program Award for the 2020 fiscal year. Mike Coldiron, on behalf of the Howell County Sheriff’s Office, was there to present the grant to the Commission. He explained the grant will fund 75 percent of the salary for two additional deputies for the Howell County Sheriff’s Office for three years. The local cash expenditure will be $70,352. The grant will pay $211,057 for 36 months of salary and benefits for the two deputies.
The conditions of the grant require the sheriff’s office to retain the deputies for an additional 12 months after the initial 36-month period. In short, the funding of this grant represents a four-year commitment for two new law enforcement officers for the county. 
Coldiron mentioned that the grant is a very involved one to prepare and write. Howell County has not benefited from COPS grant funds since 2010.
Brent Campbell wrote the grant this year. Incumbent Sheriff Mike Shannon remains neutral in the upcoming primary election for Sheriff, but he said he is glad to have the funding and the extra personnel for the department. “It’s a good thing,” he said, “We’re to the point where we can do it.”
The interview and hiring process will begin right away.

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