District to Begin Gradual Reopening of Outdoor Athletic Facilities

The West Plains School District began a gradual reopening of outdoor athletic facilities on May 18, 2020. The district will reopen outdoor athletic facilities that have traditionally been open for the community during the summer when all education-based student activities are not in session or groups have not formally rented through the district central office. Please see the guidelines below. As soon as more information is available, the district will share the information with the community.
The Zizzer Stadium is open to the community for the use of the track only. Access to the stadium bleachers, turf field, soccer field, or any outdoor equipment will remain closed. The stadium press box and the area around it are under renovations; please do not enter construction areas.
Traditionally, the district has made available two tennis courts for community use. These tennis courts are reopened and are located next to Howell street.
All other indoor/outdoor facilities will remain closed and are unavailable for use through the month of May. Please do not enter construction areas.
Please exercise social distancing during this time, as recommended by the CDC. Please follow the rules and regulations as posted at the stadium entrances.

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