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Election Results

13,477 registered voters turned out to the polls last Tuesday for the General Election. Because the Friday after the election fell on Veterans Day this year, the results of the election could not be certified until noon on Monday, Nov. 14, County Clerk Kelly Waggoner said. 
"Nothing was that close," Waggoner reported. "We have, I would say, less than thirty individual votes in question."
These votes include both the provisional ballots cast last Tuesday as well as a small number of ballots from members of the military.
Until the results are certified, there can be no challenge of the results. As it stands, the 48.5 percent turnout unofficially decided two contested races in Howell County. For more coverage of these contested races, see page XXXX.
Howell County Collector of Revenue
Janet Crow (Independent) 7,340 votes, 56.01% - WINNER
Mark B. Collins (Republican) 5,731 votes, 43.73%
Howell County Circuit Court Clerk
Cynthia Lee (Republican) 9,381, 73.09% - WINNER
Shanna Earls (Independent) 3,436 votes, 26.77%
Uncontested Races
State Representative, District 154: Republican David Paul Evans received 11,268 votes. There were 152 write-in votes. 
Presiding Commissioner: Republican Ralph Riggs received 11,229 votes. There were 139 write-in votes.
County Clerk: Republican Kelly Waggoner received 11,467 votes. There were 87 write-in votes.
Recorder of Deeds: Republican Jeff Braiser received 11,234 votes. There were 93 write-in votes.
County Treasurer: Republican Nancy Franz received 11,321 votes. There were 91 write-in votes.
Prosecuting Attorney: Republican Michael P. Hutchings received 11,233 votes. There were 126 write-in votes. 
State-wide Races
Unofficial results from the Missouri Secretary of State are as follows:
Constitutional Amendment No. 1 - Expand the State Treasurer's powers
YES 45.7%
Constitutional Amendment No. 3 - Legalize recreational marijuana possession and production, etc.
For more on Amendment 3 from Howell County Sherriff Brent Campell, see page XXX.
NO 46.9%
Constitutional Amendment No. 4 - Let the legislature set a minimum budget for Kansas City police
NO 36.8%
Constitutional Amendment No. 5 - Create a separate department for the National Guard
NO 38.8%
Constitutional Convention - Should Missouri hold one?
YES 32.3%
United States Senator
Eric Schmitt (Republican) 1,143,626 votes, 55.4% WINNER
Trudy Busch Valentine (Democrat) 868,873 votes, 42.1%|
Jonathan Dine (Libertarian) 34,706 votes, 1.7%
Paul Venable (Constitution) 14,548 votes, 0.7%
Missouri State Auditor
Scott Fitzpatrick (Republican) 1,216,046 votes, 59.4% WINNER
Alan Green (Democrat) 768,500 votes, 37.6%
John A. Hartwig, Jr. (Libertarian) 61,093 votes, 3.0%
United States Representative- District 8
Jason Smith (Republican) 186,259 votes, 76.0% WINNER
Randi McCallian (Democrat) 53,661 votes, 21.9%
Jim Higgins (Libertarian) 5,175 votes, 2.1%
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