Enforcement Up at the South Junction

Police Chief Says it’s a Public Safety Issue
According to six-month totals provided to the City Council, the Willow Springs Police Department issued 555 citations in the first half of 2020. The most common violations were speeding and stop sign violations. Most of the stop sign violations were issued for motorists failing to stop properly at the South Junction with U.S. Highway 60/63.
With the building boom in the area of town in the last year, specifically the addition of the Love’s Travel Stop, traffic at the four-way stop has increased considerably.
Police Chief Bryan Hogan says the traffic violations at that intersection are a major area of concern for public safety. Though there have not been any accidents yet, there have been several near-misses due to stop sign violations. Chief Hogan says the department receives verbal complaints about the traffic at the intersection “constantly.”
Several motorists are using the shoulder as a right-turn lane to turn into the truck stop. 
“We’re very concerned,” Chief Hogan said. 
In response, the police department is “creating a presence,” according to Chief Hogan.

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