Jasper Holdings, Inc. Announces Employee Share Value

JASPER distributed a total of $17,097,741 in new shares to over 2,500 eligible Associate-Owners in the Jasper Holdings, Incorporated Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Over the last ten years, a total of $191 Million in stock has been given to their Associate-Owners. 
The JASPER share value continued its upward growth since the inception of its ESOP in 2009 at $2.30 per share.  JASPER Chairman/CEO Doug Bawel announced to Associate-Owners, via company video, the 100% Associate-Owned company’s new share value is $476.30, up $14.20/share, and thanked the Associate-Owners!
“We’ve had some great growth in our share price, and today we have over $685 Million of Enterprise Value,” Bawel told Associate-Owners. 
He added,  “Let’s make sure we stay focused on what is in our control; a never-ending commitment to improvements in Safety, Quality, Productivity, Customer Service, and Reduction of Waste.”

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