John Doe in custody after goat disturbance

A disturbance call about goats led to the arrest of a Koshkonong man who remains unidentified. The John Doe was arrested by Howell County Sheriff's Deputies on March 5 and is charged with third degree assault of a special victim, disarming a peace officer, and resisting arrest. He is to remain in jail without bond until he can be positively identified, according to court documents.
The incident began after a report of property damage and goats crossing into a neighbor's property, breaking things, and eating the garden. The responding deputy attempted to make contact with the subject but, before the officer could knock on the door, he answered, allegedly yelling at the deputy, clenching his fist and smelling of intoxicants.
The deputy tried to tell the man they just wanted to talk about some complaints his neighbors were making. The man moved towards the deputy in a manner described as, “threatening”, while refusing to identify himself and cursing. As the deputy reached his vehicle, the man allegedly rushed him from behind, and the deputy attempted to detain him until back-up arrived. The man refused to put his hands behind his back, shoving the deputy. The deputy pulled a taser and commanded him to back up. The man is accused of attempting to disarm the deputy and was tased in the process. 
The deputy retreated to his vehicle until backup arrived. Deputies say the man continued to resist, getting tased two more times. After he was handcuffed, the man was accused of biting a deputy on the arm.
John Doe was arraigned on Friday, March 8, and pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is to remain in custody until his identity is verified and he is determined to be free of outstanding warrants, according to court documents.
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