Launch of Geographical Policing

The West Plains Police Department announced the launch their new model of policing; Geographical Policing. The Geographical Policing Model will go into effect on Monday August 3, 2020 at midnight. According to a press release from the department, it is the goal of the West Plains Police Department to use this patrol method “to better strengthen and increase our partnership with our community to improve the quality of life for our city.” 
With Geographical Policing, the City of West Plains will be divided into North and South Districts. The districts will then be divided into two sectors each. The North District of the city will hold Sectors 1 and 2 and the South District will hold Sectors 3 and 4. Each sector will be assigned an investigator, a Corporal and three to four patrol officers. 
Each sector officer will be responsible for calls for service in their respective zone and, at times, will assist officers in other sectors as well. 
In the coming weeks, community members will be able to communicate directly with their sector officers by email to the sector supervisor. It is important community members view the sector map to determine which sector their residence or business is in order to know who to contact. 
The Police Department would also like the community to know sometimes their sector officer may be busy on a major crime scene or working an event in a different sector. All non-emergency calls will be held for a period of time in order to allow the appropriate sector officer to handle the call in their sector. 
Lieutenant Brian Bunch and Sergeant Brady Grinnell will be the North District Commanders. Lieutenant Kyle Ellison and Sergeant Kyle Parrish will be the South District Commanders. Officers, supervisors, and investigators will be assigned as follows:
North District Sector 1 North District Sector 2
Corporal Wes Stuart (Supervisor) Corporal Shannon Sisney (Supervisor)
Sergeant Bryan Brauer (Investigator) Detective Joe Neuschwander (Investigator)
Officer Tatum Whitsell  Officer Chris Barrett (School Resource)
Officer Whitley Clark Officer Trent Kinder (School Resource) 
Officer Brad Jones  Officer John Murrell (Public Information)
Officer Bradshaw (K9)   Officer Justin Brown 
  Officer Colter Reid
South District Sector 3  South District Sector 4 
Corporal Josh Wichowski (Supervisor)  Corporal Brandon Stephens (Supervisor)
Detective Brandon Romans (Investigator) Detective Jeremy Pounders (Investigator)
Officer Kevin White (School Resource) Officer Ivie Powell
Officer Conner Burnes Officer Brent McKemie
Officer Amanda Ohlau  Officer Paden Turnbull





With the implementation of Geographical Policing, officers will have their assigned areas and neighborhoods. This is designed to allow officers to spend more time with community members whether it be investigating crimes, checking on businesses, or just stopping by to see how the neighborhood is doing. The stated goal of this new method is, “to strengthen the relationship between the Police Department and our community partnership.” 



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