Man Charged with Assault after Ramming a Car with a Woman, Children Inside

Jacob Counts, 36, Willow Springs, has been charged with three counts of first degree assault, felony, and one felony count of resisting arrest following an incident that took place in Mountain View on May 3. 
According to a probable cause statement filed by Officer Josh Ashlock of the Mountain View Police Department, a woman reported via a 911 call that she was afraid for her life because Counts was pursuing her car as she drove through the city of Mountain View with her two children in the car. As Officer Ashlock was parked in a parking lot at U.S. Highway 60 and Elm St., he saw the victim’s vehicle turn east on Highway 60 from Pine St., with Counts’ vehicle following behind at a close proximity. Both vehicles were driving at a high rate of speed. 
Officer Ashlock joined the chase with lights and sirens activated, but Counts accelerated and continued to pursue the woman despite being hailed by police. 
Officer Ashlock lost sight of the vehicles, but by the time, Sergeant Michael Pauly joined the pursuit and located both vehicles traveling southbound on Highway 17, the vehicles were stopped. The victim’s brother located Counts chasing the woman, and was able to get his vehicle between the two. Sgt. Pauly got Counts out of the vehicle at that point and was holding him at gunpoint when Officer Ashlock arrived.
When Officer Ashlock attempted to place Counts in handcuffs, he struggled and tried to pull away before he was finally restrained. 
The female victim remained at the scene, and she disclosed to the officers that Counts showed up at her residence angry and looking for her. Since she was not home, the victim’s father contacted her by phone to advise her to go somewhere safe. The victim passed Counts on the road to her intended destination, and he turned around and began pursuing her. He stated that he rammed her car at the intersection of Highway 60 and Pine St. Officer Ashlock observed damage to the vehicles. 
In an interview with police, Counts said his intention was to get the children he shares with the victim away from her because he does not approve of her boyfriend. When asked if he saw Officer Ashlock’s patrol car lights, Counts said “he doesn’t stop for police.”
Counts’ driving privileges are revoked, he is on probation for a second degree assault charge, and he has a felony warrant for his arrest from Oregon County. 
He was formally charged by the Howell County Prosecuting Attorney’s office on May 3, and as of press time, remains in custody.

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