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Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys’ 2023 Legislative Champion

The Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorney’s [MAPA] recently recognized the Honorable David Evans, Representative of District 154, and Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, as its 2023 Legislative Champion. Members of the Association were pleased to inform Representative Evans of this recognition while meeting with him during MAPA’s Capitol Conference on January 23rd.
Representative Evans provided immeasurable insight and wisdom in guiding the House Judiciary Committee as it crafted criminal justice bills during the 2023 session, says a release from MAPA. He also provided guidance to his House colleagues on crime bills that would be of benefit to promoting public safety in our communities and on crime bills that would be ill advised and harmful to public safety.
MAPA cited Evans' experiences as an attorney in private practice, city attorney for three cities [West Plains, Willow Springs and Mountain View], and as associate judge and circuit judge in the 37th Judicial Circuit and pointed out how these were reflected in his "calm, reasoned approach" to handling his role as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and in his interactions with his colleagues in the House, with lobbyists, and with individual citizens interested in particular bills.
Representative Evans’ recognition as MAPA’s 2023 Legislative Champion is memorialized on a master plaque of Legislative Champions in the office of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.
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