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Mtn. View Garden Club prepares for spring planting

Nine members of the Mountain View Garden Club convened at the Mountain View Community Center on January 24 for its monthly meeting. The program, titled "Winter Sowing" was led by member and Master Gardener Judy Rhine. Rhine explained how to convert an old, but clean gallon sized milk jug into a winter-suitable greenhouse for starting seeds. The members proceeded to poke 4 drain holes in the bottom of their jugs before cutting them partially open so the top could be flipped back at the handle. The next step was to place a coffee filter in the bottom to prevent the soil from being washed out of the drain holes.
Following that, about 4 inches of MOIST soil was added. Members chose seeds from a variety that were provided and planted about 4 seeds in the soil. A small amount of chicken grit was spread across the soil to act as a mulch and will prevent the seedling from Damping Off and helping to absorb moisture. A tongue depressor was then placed in the soil with the plant's name on it, just in case the name washed off the outside of the jug. The jug was then closed and secured with duct tape. The final step was to write the plant's name on the jug or the duct tape. Place the jug outside in an area that can receive both rain and the morning sun. If there is no rain for a week a small amount of water can be poured through the top of the jug. Once the plants have sprouted, open the top. They can remain there until you are ready to plant them in your garden. Remember, if they are tender, annual plants, they need to be protected from a late winter/spring frost.
The Mountain View Garden Club is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri and the Central Region Garden Clubs. Visit us on Facebook at to enjoy the photos that are taken at the meetings and other events.
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