Mtn. View Man Arrested for Making Brownies

A Mountain View man has been charged with one count of manufacture of a controlled substance and two counts of possession or control of a controlled substance. John Manning, 78, was taken into custody when he attempted to deliver marijuana brownies in response to a false online profile as part of a sting set up by the Willow Springs Police Department. He was taken into custody by Corporal Brian Jackson of the WSPD. Manning confessed to making the brownies at his residence and consented to a search by law enforcement.
According to a probable cause statement filed by Corporal Trenton Roberts of the Mountain View Police Department, the officers conducted a search of Manning’s home on May 1, 2020, where Corporal Roberts observed a grow light in the closet of the apartment’s bedroom. Under the light were two large plants, one containing a smaller potted plant that appeared to be marijuana. In the bathroom of the residence he found a mason jar filled with dark liquid that smelled strongly of marijuana and contained plant residue in the bottom. When asked about the jar, Manning stated that it was hemp oil. Officers also located a small, unlabeled brown bottle of pills that appeared to be morphine sulfate, a controlled substance. Manning stated that they were nitro pills for his heart condition. 
Officers Charles Brown and Gregory Abney conducted a search of the kitchen and living room area of the apartment and found a bag of leafy green substance that smelled strongly of marijuana, a bag of dark brown brownies that were suspected of containing marijuana, and two patties of butter suspected of containing marijuana. In the living room, Corporal Jackson located an envelope that contained marijuana seeds, packaged with a picture of a marijuana plant. A pan of light-colored brownies was observed on the stove and when asked about them, [the subject] stated they contained marijuana. After confirming that Manning did not possess medical marijuana card, and all items were seized as evidence.
Missouri State Highway Patrol laboratory results showed the dark colored brownies did contain THC and had a weight of 89.20 grams. Manning admitted that he had made the brownies that contained the controlled substance. The lab report also showed that the white pills contained morphine and no prescription was found in Manning's home for morphine.
Manning’s initial court appearance is scheduled for October 26 in the Howell County Circuit Court. 

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