Parking lot donuts lead to arrest

Aden Lee Johnson, 20, was named in a probable cause statement as a suspect of first-degree property damage following an incident at Richards School.
Deputy Timothy W. Gordon stated that he was dispatched to the school after reports of a truck doing donuts in the parking lot and causing damage. Security camera footage showed a pickup truck doing donuts in the lot while a subject stood nearby and filmed with a phone. The stunt allegedly caused significant damage to the parking lot lines, resulting in a $4,300 damage repair estimate.
The truck was towed and placed on hold as evidence. In a conversation with Deputy Gordon, Johnson supposedly admitted to doing the donuts and expressed no regret.
Deputy Gordon noted, “Johnson didn’t seem to care about the possible felony charges he could be facing. He was not happy that his truck was being towed but did not seem to have any remorse for the property damage to the school.”
Deputy Gordon allegedly contacted the towing company a few days later to release the hold on Johnson’s truck. 
The suspect was formally charged on Feb. 1., but no court date is set.
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