Phone Scams Concern WSPD

Citizens of Willow Springs are continuing to receive telephone scams, says Police Chief Bryan Hogan.
“The scammers are able to change the numbers that will show up on a caller ID so that it will appear as if the numbers are local calls,” he explained. 
The majority of scam calls originate from outside of the United States.
One of the most recent scams is a caller claiming to be Amazon Security.  Other common scams claim to be IRS, or Publishers Clearing House, or a Police/Sheriff’s Department (Jail) claiming to represent a family member needing funds. 
Scammers try to solicit personal information like Social Security numbers, date of birth, bank account information, etc. Some scams involve a request to purchase a gift card so the victim can read the card numbers over the phone to the scammer.
“No legitimate business would ask anyone to do that, and in most cases they would never contact you by phone,” said Chief Hogan. “The Willow Springs Police Department wishes to encourage people to be careful of phone calls that appear suspicious.  Do not give the gift card numbers, or bank account information to anyone over the phone.  Once you send the money, it will be nearly impossible to ever have it returned.”
by Amanda Mendez, publisher

Howell County News

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