Raymondville Man Promotes Football Board Game

Michael Wray, of Raymondville, invented a board game called “You’re the Coach” that allows players to guide a game of football play-by-play. Comprised of a binder of plays and a game board representing the field, the game can be played alone or by up to twenty players, Wray said. A roll of the dice determines the outcomes of the plays and moves the game along. 
“You’ll feel like you’re on the field playing or coaching,” he explained. 
According to Wray, several high school football coaches have used the game as a training tool, but his invention is mainly intended for anyone who loves football as he does. 
Wray’s first conception of “You’re the Coach” was an eighth grade school project. Now age 52, Wray has blended and perfected the game over decades. He has both played and coached while in the military, he said. 
The game he invented is apparent in every facet of his life; even his trucking company is called, “You’re the Coach.” Wray has tirelessly promoted his game, approaching Milton Bradley, as well as several retail stores, magazines, and newspapers. 
The game is available for purchase at Book Nook in West Plains, Cody’s One Stop in Raymondville, LeerJak in Ellsinore, and at Grove Gamers Guild in Mountain Grove.
by Amanda Mendez, publisher


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