Search for fire chief continues

Mtn. View aldermen met Nov. 8
The city of Mountain View is still searching for a fire chief after the first meeting of the search committee and the board of aldermen. The committee met with the Board of Aldermen in closed session following the regular meeting on Nov. 8. 
In the hour-long closed session, three applicants appeared for interviews. According to the minutes of the closed session, the aldermen decided to leave the position open and to reassess next month. The city is actively seeking applicants for fire chief. 
The first item on the agenda of the open session was the property at 123 Elm, owned by Abbie Schlattman. The property owner was not present as expected. Attempts were made to contact her as the aldermen moved on with the agenda. When they returned the subject, Alderman Lindell Vandevort suggested putting a park on the site. Mayor John Krasuski asked for a motion to have the city operations manager prepare a proposal to build a sitting area with bathrooms. Alderwoman Laura Wagner made the motion, and it passed by unanimous vote. 
Kelli Beets with MIRMA appeared to present grants to the city.  Beets presented a check for grants totaling $7,608.00 to be used for body cameras for the police department, a manhole cleaning tool, and trenching and shoring boxes.
In other action, the aldermen are methodically reviewing the city ordinances and updating one per month. This month, Section 2-806 was deleted from the city codes by unanimous vote. This section required protective headgear for motorcyclists and their passengers. Missouri state law no longer requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. 
Next, the aldermen unanimously passed Ordinance 1725, annexing land owned by Gary McCann. A second ordinance, no. 1726, failed to pass by unanimous vote. Ordinance 1726 was drafted to accept a rezoning of land owned by Bonnie Woolsey. Eric Kaut was present to answer the aldermen’s questions. Kaut said he wanted to re-zone the property so he could put a billboard on the land. Alderman Murray Anderson made a motion for first reading. Alderman Vandevort seconded it. Upon vote, all the aldermen voted nay, and the motion failed to carry.
In other discussion:
-Trucks parking on First Street are causing a hazard for school buses making turns. The city attorney is expected to draw up an ordinance for discussion.
-The mayor gave an update on the city pool repair project. All the bids came in over budget. The aldermen agreed the mayor and the city operations manager will look over the project to attempt to cut costs. 
-The slides in Veterans Park have been damaged. Replacements would cost $5,700. The city has funds remaining from a donation, and the mayor obtained the donor’s permission to use the surplus for the slides. 
-The alderman considered and tabled Bill 1349 because they realized they did not have the most recent version of the proposed ordinance. 
-Mayor Krasuski explained the need for electrical repair in the downtown alleys. He presented the aldermen with bids. No action was taken. 
-There is some interest in an Adopt-a-Street program, specifically regarding the road to the municipal golf course. No action was taken. 
-Police Chief Jamie Perkins spoke about holiday pay for city employees, pointing out that police officers in Mountain View do not receive holiday pay. Chief Perkins presented some examples and suggestions. The board of aldermen will plan to discuss it further at the next meeting.
-Mayor Krasuski asked the aldermen’s approval to secure a fundraising concert with Aaron Tippin. Proceeds from the concert are intended to benefit nonprofits in town. The aldermen agreed. 
-Golf course superintendent Ty Lewis gave an update on his department’s budget, which is projecting to save $40,000 by using up back stock of chemicals. He discussed obtaining a simulator and was asked to provide additional information at a future meeting. 
-Mayor Krasuski reported the public library is considering offering limited printing services. 
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