Six Citations for Willow Man after Police Confrontation

Carlton “Luke” Wake, 41, of Willow Springs, has been issued six citations after an interaction with the Willow Springs Police Department on May 3. 
Officer Ben Bishop responded to the area of East Fourth and Grand Streets after the police department received multiple calls complaining of a male subject causing a peace disturbance by riding and revving the motor on a motorcycle. 
Upon officer arrival, Wake was riding a motorcycle north on Grand St. with a female passenger riding along. Traveling south, Officer Bishop activated his lights to signal to Wake to stop. According to Officer Bishop’s report, Wake pulled up by the police cruiser, looked right at the officer, revved the bike, and then drove off at an excessive rate of speed. Officer Bishop noted the motorcycle “popped a wheelie” as Wake took off down Highway 137. Officer Bishop did not pursue Wake past the city limits. 
A call approximately ten minutes later alerted police that Wake was at a residence on East Fourth St. Officer Bishop was joined by Sergeant Michael Huffman and Officer Travis Weaver to make contact with Wake, who denied any knowledge or involvement in the pursuit a few minutes before. He refused to produce his driver’s license when requested to do so by Sgt. Huffman. 
To Officer Weaver’s observation, Wake was intoxicated. The report describes Wake as being confrontational, stating to officers that he would “do it again” and “run circles around [police] with his Harley” because he did not care what they did because these officers “were just [expletive] Willow cops.”
Officers cleared the scene after instructing Wake to stop riding his motorcycle and to “sleep it off.”
Wake has been cited for careless and imprudent driving; failure to yield; resisting/interfering arrest- failure to obey; failure to produce license on demand; disorderly conduct; and operating a motorcycle without a proper license.

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