courtesy of Willow Springs Fire Departmentcourtesy of Willow Springs Fire Department

Up in Smoke

Coal Car Fire in Willow Springs
A train car caught fire as a BNSF train sat paused on the tracks through Willow Springs Friday afternoon. 
Willow Springs Fire Department responded to the scene just after 6:00 p.m., said Fire Chief Vance Farmer. Temperatures were still in the upper 90s at that time. 
A passerby noticed smoke coming from a coal car on the parked train and called 9-1-1, Chief Farmer reported. The car was registered as empty, with less than a quarter of a load still inside.
The cause of the fire remains unknown, Chief Farmer said. However, nothing about the fire seemed suspicious. 
"With the extreme temperatures and unusually dry conditions, things like this happen," Chief Farmer commented. "Railroad personnel on scene didn't see anything out of the ordinary either."
Firefighters extinguished the fire without incident or injury. 
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