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Son beats father to death

A West Plains man faces second degree murder charges after allegedly beating his father to death. Following a 911 call and subsequent investigation, Christopher Greenough, 33, is believed to have assaulted his father with his "hands, feet, or an unknown weapon," causing his death.
A first responder with Pottersville Fire Department was first on the scene on County Road 6300 at 7:00 p.m. David Steele, the first responder, reported that Christopher Greenough answered the door covered in blood, but refused to allow him to check on the injured party. 
Deputy Michael Pauly of the Howell County Sheriff's Department arrived on the scene within minutes. Court documents note the deputy's description of Greenough - the subject was shirtless, covered in "a significant amount" of blood with balled up fists, injuries to his hands, and stomping towards the door.
Based on Greenough's appearance, Deputy Pauly entered the residence and demanded to see the injured party. The subject refused with curses and took off running into the house.
Deputy Pauly called for backup and followed Greenough into the house. The subject led the officer to an unconscious man, later identified to be Greenough's father, David Greenough, who was face down in a large chair with his feet on the floor. The injured man's head was covered in blood, and he did not appear to be breathing. 
Emergency services transported the father to the hospital for treatment, but David Greenough did not recover from his injuries. 
Christopher Greenough's injuries were described in the probable cause statement as "offensive and/or assaultive type of actions." His pants and socks were "saturated with blood." Authorities did not observe and defensive wounds on the suspect.
The victim's injuries, however, appear to be the result of an assault. He suffered "severe head and face trauma" and two puncture wounds to the head. 
Lieutenant Torey Thompson's probable cause statement describes the assailant's state of obvious intoxication and a witness statement that Greenough had been drinking all day. The statement references the Greenoughs' history of domestic violence, usually aggravated by alcohol intoxication. Lt. Thompson considers Greenough to be a danger to the community because he, "becomes violent when intoxicated, and is habitually intoxicated."
Christopher Greenough was taken into custody at the scene, and formal murder charges issued on Jan. 12. The Honorable R. David Ray set bond at $500,000. Greenough remains in custody. 
During a Jan. 13 hearing, Greenough waived formal arraignment and pled not guilty. 
This matter is set for a motion hearing regarding the defendant's "suicide watch status" and for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 6. 
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