In recent weeks, officers with the West Plains Police Department have responded to and taken several reports for firearms which have been stolen from unlocked and unattended vehicles. In some of the cases, the firearms have been located and returned. Other firearms are still missing. 
The West Plains Police Department would like to stress the importance of making sure firearms are secured at all times. When firearms are stolen, they often end up in the hands of people who should not legally have them which creates a hazard to the community.
“If you keep a firearm in your vehicle, be sure to lock your vehicle and double check to make sure the vehicle is locked. Also keep the firearm hidden. If you are going to be leaving your vehicle at a repair shop or in a long term/commuter parking area, it is a good practice to leave any and all firearms secured in your residence instead of in your vehicles,” reads a press release from the WPPD, “We are asking for your help to keep our community safe by making sure there is no possible way your firearm becomes a tool for someone with dangerous intentions.”

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