Update on Repairs of Willow Springs Water Park

Citing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and financial obstacles to opening late in the summer, the Willow Springs City Council voted earlier this year to keep the city pool and water park closed for the 2020 season. Taking advantage of the break in use and the available funds that would have been put toward facility maintenance this summer, the City has been working with Westport Pool, a repair company based near St. Louis, to assess the condition of the pool and perform necessary repairs. 
The first step in assessment was pressure testing the system plumbing. At the City Council meeting on July 16, City Administrator Beverly Hicks reported every single return line in the pool has a leak. The significant damage is serious enough to prevent the progress of additional planned repairs until the plumbing is fixed. Additional repairs needed include sandblasting the surface of the pool and installing a new liner. 
The discovery of the extent of the plumbing issues was newly discovered the day of the City Council meeting, and there was not immediately a plan to move forward. 
At the meeting, Hicks indicated the pool will be fixed, but the way forward was not clear at that time. This is a developing story. Look for updates to the repairs at the city pool in future editions of Howell County News.

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