Wagner Ratified after Objections to Appointment

Mountain View City Council Met Last Week
The Mountain View City Council met in regular session on December 13. Discussion of the Consent Agenda resulted in corrections to the minutes from the November meeting. Alderman John Krasuski suggested using a recorder during City Council sessions as a tool for the city clerk to ensure accuracy of the minutes. 
Two items of new business dealt with the November appointment of Laura Wagner to the Council. Alderwoman Judi Colter discussed Chapter 610 of Missouri State Statues, otherwise known as the Sunshine Law. Colter suggested that Wagner’s appointment last month was in violation of the Sunshine Law because it was not on the meeting’s published agenda. Colter referred to the section of the chapter that defines when and how public meeting agendas must be published, namely: publicly posted twenty-four hours before the council session. Alderman Krasuski disagreed with her interpretation of the Sunshine Law as it applied to Wagner’s appointment. 
Mountain View City Attorney Deedra Nicholson explained the agendas for each session are tentative, meaning they can change. She went on to explain that, while the November council session was not ideal, it was not illegal for Alderwoman Wagner to have been elected. 
The Board of Aldermen subsequently voted to ratify Laura Wagner’s appointment. All were in favor. 
An item for discussion absent from this meeting's agenda was Alderman Punkie Stevenson's mention of the two vacant full-time officer positions at the police department. The Council discussed possibly upgrading the recruitment program but took no action to that effect.  
In other new business, Mayor Donnie Pruett discussed the idea of changing the number of planning and zoning committee members to a minimum of five. The idea of adding two alternates was brought up by a citizen present at the meeting. The original requirement sat at nine members. Council members agreed that they should alternate turns to be present at the committee meetings. Alderwoman Colter made a first motion to accept this change from nine to a minimum of five with alternates. All were in favor.
The Board of Aldermen reviewed the list of existing members for the planning and zoning committee. All members were approved as listed: Eric Kaut, Vicki Shoup, Charry McCann, Jay Oziah, and Greg Bell. Those interested in serving as alternates are to complete applications before approval. 
Mayor Pruett requested the Council’s approval to execute a contract with Springfield-based Toth & Associates for the Oak Street Project to be completed. This project will involve the demolition of Oak Street to allow for storm water culverts to be placed in needed areas. All voted in favor. 
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