Willow Springs Man Charged with Property Damage

Zebidiah Jorgensen, 27, of Willow Springs, faces a misdemeanor charge of second degree property damage due to an incident earlier this month. According to a probable cause statement filed by Officer Tatum Whitsell of the West Plains Police Department, she observed a vehicle with a driver side door ajar parked in front of Knockouts Tanning Salon. The keys to the car were on the ground next to the open door, and the business’s sign was also on the ground broken into several pieces next to the passenger door. Officer Whitsell noted the sign usually hangs on the front of the building, approximately 16 feet off the ground. 
The vehicle was registered to Jorgensen, who was located on the front porch of a nearby residence. He “appeared to be injured and impaired by a controlled substance.”
When questioned by Corporal Brandon Stephens, Jorgensen said he climbed on top of the business’s building looking for a place to sleep, but got cold and could not figure out a way to get down. He explained that he jumped from his perch and tore the sign down on this way to the ground. 
Charges were filed on April 22, and Jorgensen is scheduled to appear before the honorable R. David Ray on June 1.

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