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Willow Springs Passes $6.35 Budget

The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a $6.35 million budget for the City of Willow Springs Thursday night. City Administrator Beverly Hicks presented the balanced budget at the regular City Council meeting on December 16. In a letter summarizing the budget, Hicks stated that it “provides a guide and support for all city services and departments to remain financially healthy.”
Though revenues from sales and use taxes have increased, expenses, especially for energy and supplies, are expected to increase in lock step.
One item to which Hicks called the Council’s attention is the 5.9% cost of living adjustment (COLA) for wages, which will allow the City to stay competitive with other entities as most employees have special training requirements for their specific positions.
“This year is a season of working hard on employee retention,” she explained.
The 2022 budget also includes line items that provide for the repair and maintenance to buildings and equipment. The fire department office, breakrooms, and restrooms are slated to be remodeled. 
Hydraulic hoses for the bucket trucks in the electric department are budgeted to cost $10,000. New tires on a wheel loader are penciled in for $7,000. Replacement parts at the wastewater treatment plant are also budgeted at $20,000.
Another half a million dollars is allocated among the various departments to buy necessary supplies for the continued maintenance of roads, electric, water, and sewer services. 
A motion from Alderman Susan Rackley to pass the budget as presented was seconded by Alderman Danny Bradley. It passed unanimously.
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