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Woman dies in HCSO custody

The cause of death remains officially undetermined after a woman passed away in the booking area of the Howell County Jail. Angela D. Brown, address undisclosed, died while under arrest on February 24, announced the Howell County Sheriff’s Department on March 4. Missouri State Highway Patrol took over the investigation, and there was a misunderstanding about the reporting procedure, hence the nine-day delay for the announcement, said Howell County Sheriff Brent Campbell Friday morning. 
Brown was arrested on the afternoon of February 24 for a possession charge by Deputy Brandom Meacham. During the booking process, she was behaving erratically. Deputies planned to refer her for a 96-hour hold at the hospital. However, as they walked her to the holding area to dress her out, she collapsed and became unresponsive. 
Deputies immediately began CPR and called for emergency services. According to the Sheriff, deputies, “did a good job attempting to bring her back.” They administered Narcan two to three times, to no effect. 
Brown was pronounced deceased at 5:37 p.m. An autopsy gave no answers regarding the cause of death, Sheriff Cambell said. A toxicology report is not complete. 
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