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Work expected to begin in June

Repairs to the building at 104 E. Main, now known as The McClellan Building, should begin in June, heard the Willow Springs Board of Aldermen last week. On behalf of the Willow Springs Community Foundation, Director Dean Aye was present at the May 18 meeting. WSCF took legal ownership of the building on April 18. In the interim, they have signed a contract with OKE-Thomas and J&M Engineering for design and engineering services.
Declared dangerous by the city in December 2022, the McClellan Building, and its restoration efforts, have been the responsibility of WSCF since March. In that time, WSCF reports to have secured funds for the repair, fenced the sidewalks surrounding the building, and taken legal ownership of the building from Main Street Willow Springs, LLC.
This summer’s repair work will focus on the roof and north façade. The repair is expected to take twelve weeks.


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