Candidate Adam Webb addresses the Chamber. He focused on trade schools and vocational education. In response to a question about STEM education, he said, “I’m all for it. I was always a parent not to walk up and solve a problem for him. Give him time to figure a way out.” (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Incumbent Adrienne Mansfield describes the age of the school buildings and her concern for the efficiency of the HVAC systems as a priority for the School Board. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Candidate Matt Hobson led with his conservative values and said he thinks the role of the Board is to make sure funding is available and to hire good teachers and to retain them because of a good culture and good atmosphere. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Candidate Mandi Hood thinks high expectations for students in the WS school district are a good thing. “We’re Willow Springs. We can do anything,” she said.

WS School Board Candidates Address Chamber of Commerce

In a campaign like no other, please refer to these speeches made in March 2020
School Board members Adrienne Mansfield and Brent Colley are each seeking reelection. New candidates for the available seats include Amanda “Mandi” Hood, Adam Webb, and Matt Hobson.
Candidates for election to the school board of the Willow Springs School District spoke and answered public questions at the Chamber of Commerce meeting on March 3. There are three available seats on the Board at the April 7 election. Member Shane Lee is not seeking reelection, but members Adrienne Mansfield and Brent Colley are each seeking reelection. 
New candidates for the available seats include Amanda “Mandi” Hood, Adam Webb, and Matt Hobson. 
Incumbent Board member Brent Colley was not present to speak. In his stead, Chamber of Commerce President Andrea McNew read a statement on his behalf highlighting his tenure of employment in the district, which began in 1974. Colley has served as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and assistant high school principal. He presently has a grandson who attends school in the district, and his three daughters graduated from Willow Springs. His statement said he believes the district has provided a quality education while operating on the lowest tax levy allowed in Missouri. 
Mandi Hood opened with a quote from Frederick Douglass, “It is easier to build a strong child than it is to repair a broken man.” Hood said she has two children in the district and received her own education there. Hood has acted as the president of the employee council at Willow Care, a member of the Lion’s Club, and she founded the Mighty Mite cheerleading program. She says she is passionate about Willow Springs, commenting, “Willow Springs has helped to mold me into the person I am today.”
Her goals, if elected, include attracting the very best teachers to the district, making sure policies are fair for all involved, and honoring taxpayer dollars. 
Incumbent Adrienne Mansfield took the podium next. She spoke of her six years’ experience on the board, going into detail about the care she takes to study the materials presented to Board members. She said, “I give 110% to this job, and I have more to give.”
Mansfield and her husband, Dr. Matt Mansfield, own Willow Springs Dental and have two sons at school in the district. Her goals as a board member are to have the best teachers who have the best educational tools. She said she is an advocate for career tech education, not only for four-year degree kids. She said, “They all need to have a job.”
Matt Hobson spoke next and opened with his values. He said, “I’m a conservative Christian, and I want to make sure that we are represented in the School Board and in this community.” Hobson grew up in Willow Springs and graduated from the district. His kids currently attend school in Willow. His wife, Stefanie Hobson, is employed in the district and graduated from WSHS as well. He highlighted his prior experience serving on boards; he currently serves on the reservoir board.
Hobson said, “I’d like your vote on April 7, but I think the most important thing you can do for all of us is to pray. Pray for me. Pray for these people up here, [the candidates], and pray about our School Board.”
Adam Webb gave the final speech. Webb was born and raised in Willow Springs. He has a daughter in sixth grade. He has served as a firefighter for twenty years, and is currently the Fire Chief of the Tyrone Fire Department. He reported he serves on the reservoir board, the FFA board, and the Texas County Cattlemen’s board. 
Webb said he loves Willow Springs, and addressed the high school students present at the meeting saying, “I want to see you have it all.”
Webb spoke about the importance of a strong vocational education system before closing by saying that voters “can’t go wrong in April” with any of the candidates. 
The Q&A portion saw the candidates answer questions about the teacher hiring process, their main goal for the 2020 school year, the potential in very young students, and the role of STEM education in the district.

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