WSHS Students Tests Positive, 28 Kids Quarantined

The Howell County Health Department confirms a student at Willow Springs High School has tested positive for COVID-19. As of Monday morning, all significant contacts to the student had been contacted. A significant contact is an individual who was within six feet of the positive student for a period of time longer than 15 minutes, which can include siblings of the students who had personal interaction with the positive case. The exposed students will be excluded from school for a period of fourteen days. Having a negative COVID-19 test during the quarantine period will not release the child from quarantine because of the incubation period of the virus. The student who tested positive will be excluded from school for a period lasting between ten and fourteen days, depending on their symptoms.
According to Health Department Director Chris Gilliam, 28 students have been quarantined due to their significant exposure to the positive case. Gilliam confirmed that school bands have been “impacted” by the quarantines. 
The risk to families of students who have not been contacted is similar to any public exposure, which is considered low risk. 
Bill Hall, Superintendent of Schools, said in an interview that the school is “not going to deviate” from the Health Department’s recommendations. At press time, there were no firm decisions on the impact the quarantines will have on school activities. It is clear that the quarantined students will not participate in any school activities so long as they are excluded from school. 
With regard to the senior night recognitions scheduled for this Friday, Hall said Monday morning they are “still under consideration.” He mentioned that students who have been excluded may have an opportunity to be part of those activities “another time.”
“All this is about the health and safety of our students,” he said, “I still think [the start of school] has gone well. We knew we would have to deal with [postive cases] at some point.”

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