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Young Writer’s Play Opens Friday

For seniors at Willow Springs High School, there’s an afternoon in April when their months of research, writing, creating, and preparation are on display for the community. This Friday, however, theater lovers can become part of Holly Wehmer’s senior project. After all, no stage production would be complete without an audience. 
Wehmer’s project is a stage play called Clara’s Star. The high school senior wrote the play, held auditions, chose a cast, conducted weeks of rehearsals, and is producing the play at the Star Theatre. Months of work and practice have all led up opening night—this Friday.  Show times are 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16 and Saturday, Dec. 17, and 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 18. Tickets are $5. 
“The plot of Clara's Star is that I, Holly Wehmer, am writing my senior project and in the process, I have messed up all these character's lives. So, they embark on a journey to find me and fix their lives,” Wehmer said.
The senior project is the first play she has ever written, she reports. 
“I needed a senior project idea that I would be able to discuss all year and enjoy. I was interested in writing and directing my own works. When I was a kid, my parents took me to plays at the Star Theater and I acted in small roles in It's A Wonderful Life and Beauty and the Beast, which was written and directed by Kristi Cunningham.”
Wehmer is not only the playwright, but also the director of this production. Cunningham, as well as Avery and Wendy Parker, have been significant supports in this project, she said. 
“I would be nowhere without my cast and crew, especially Kristi Cunningham and Wendy and Avery Parker,” Wehmer commented. 
She began writing in the early summer, finalized the script the week before school began, held auditions in September, and has been rehearsing with a cast of actors ranging from the age of three to retirement age.
“It's very exciting to see my play come to life on stage, although there are times where I see stuff that I would have written differently… The cast and crew are amazing and very enjoyable to be around. I knew some of them before auditions, but most of them I did not…I was surprised at how willing people have been to help me and how much hard work and effort people have put into it,” Wehmer said.
This Friday, a young writer’s work all comes together in the Star Theatre in downtown Willow Springs. 
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