Dear Editor:

I was taught the first rule of medicine is “do no harm”; and for good health, dispose of wastes properly, get plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine; and avoid things harmful – but with masks, we re-inhale our own waste air; quarantines, decrease natural health boosters; vaxed people can still get and spread CoVID. Do we really want vaxed people as sales clerks, truck drivers, or doctors?
Some have been vaxed, then got sudden, life altering health problems like cancer, liver and heart problems. Experiments on prisoners are reprehensible. Vaccines are still experimental, so whose prisoners are we – and our children?
To prove safety, treated groups are compared to untreated groups. Larger groups and longer times are better, but mandates for all destroy untreated groups and thus the true science we need to follow, leaving only false, so-called “science”. How much of “science” is cause and effect, chance, info error, or silencing (CECIES)?
In 2020 those afraid to work got high unemployment benefits (paid by taxes taken from ones who work). Those who bravely worked unvaxed (surely naturally immune by now) face job loss and no unemployment. Loss of home and insurance may occur, then more crime and poverty in general. Is this how to reward courage?
Some have long wanted to rule the world, easier with less people. Enemies have said they would take over America without firing a shot (wars are messy and retaliatory). What if the enemy could get people to take a shot instead? Why else would gain of function research be funded?
Do leaders who ignore mandates want to get ill or know a preventative? My own classic symptoms of CoVID faded rapidly as I hourly took 2000 IU vit D + 1000 mg vit C, Nov. 2020. 
If CoVID compensation (who pays?) to health providers inflates case numbers (who gets scared?), and liability immunity (who benefits?) reduces tracking of adverse results (who suffers?), where is truth? Would ending compensation and liability immunity end CoVID?
“Safe” products years later may be linked to ill health, like Paraquat to Parkenson’s. Vaccines are meant to act quickly; what if, in 3 years, mental confusion is a side effect? One can unmask, unquarantine, but not un-vaccinate. If all are vaxed, all may become confused. Violence could fill the land, no matter who is elected.   
Meanwhile, unmasked, unvaxed illegals scatter throughout our nation. Are CoVID mandates about public health, control, or destruction of America?
The enemy: will distract, divide, deceive; is deadly, dangerous, and determined. Be careful to whom you bow the knee. Seek and stand for truth. Blind or fearful obedience to the edicts of one person is a choice for slavery and tyranny for all. 
America, land of the free, home of the brave. May we strive to keep it so, under God, with liberty and justice for all.
D Higgins, Birch Tree
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