Dear Editor,

Make no mistake about it, our nation is being destroyed before our eyes. It began with very credible reports of election irregularities the 2020 presidential election, and a population of sheep who were unwilling to demand that those reports be determined to be true, or false. We aren’t talking just one State here, but multiple, heavily populated States with very irregular election results. Two things should be evident to the thinking person. First, it only takes several States to change a Presidential Election.  EVERY AMERICAN VOTER SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP IN ARMS OVER THESE IRREGULARITIES, NO MATTER IF IT WAS YOUR STATE OR NOT, NO MATTER IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN!  Why did these States in question fight to hide THIS questionable data?  Every voter, in every state should demand total transparency on what happened during that election, but they aren’t. Secondly, why are the states in question still fighting to avoid transparency? Our elections can no longer be trusted, you’re foolish if you do.
Covid, the disease which isn’t much more dangerous than a bad flu season showed me that we have a huge number of people who will comply with mandates, no matter how risky they might be. Our president mandates the vaccine shot for almost everyone. Those shots have maimed and killed thousands. The president can’t mandate anything, but the sheep in corporate America, unthinking citizens, and a mostly silent congress have forced many to comply with the edict.  I guess they’ve missed the part that this vaccine is experimental and has not been put through the normal rigorous testing that previous vaccines have had to go through before being approved. Evidently, they didn’t read the fine print that the inventor of this mRNA technology once said it shouldn’t be used on humans. Yet federal and some state governments are pushing to get vaccine cards to be a requirement. The same thing happened in Germany prior to WWII, “Show me your papers”.  Wake up my fellow citizens, the government wants to control every aspect of your life. That isn’t American at all, and why has Joe Biden’s administration done its utmost to silence doctors who have shown that treatments other than this experimental vaccine work?
Energy independence which we had under President Trump, has been replaced by dependence on imported Arab Oil. Gas prices, heating oil, and natural gas are going up as well, all due to this administration’s policies.  Grocery stores have more empty shelves, while more than 1,000 cargo ships cannot dock and deliver needed products to our nation. Mark my words, shortages will become worse, all prices will rise, and you will be sending D.C. more of your hard-earned money for a budget which shouldn’t be called an infrastructure bill because it contains very little infrastructure. It does contain a large number of socialist money wasting programs though. Wake up people while we still have a Republic, it is in peril!
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs
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