To the Editor:

When politicians pass laws (or city ordinances) many people believe that they have no choice but to comply. After all, it is the law. 
However, the truth is that a citizen has many options.
1. They can simply refuse to comply. Read Daniel, Chapter 6 and Acts 5:29. I dare say many West Plains citizens have been doing just that under the citywide mask ordinance, which [was in effect until March 31]. This action is known as civil disobedience.
2. The citizen can move to another location where there is more freedom. 
3. The citizen can stay in the same location but conduct his business elsewhere. 
4. They can allow someone else to do their business for them, or
5. They can do what they are told to do. 
When politicians pass these anti-freedom laws they usually use safety as their excuse for the necessity of such laws. 
This reminds me of the wisdom of Ben Franklin who said, “Those who would trade their freedom for safety, deserve neither their freedom, nor their safety.”
I close this letter with the following quote, “Official truth is no actual truth.” Lord Acton. 
Timothy Young, West Plains

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