Letter to the Editor

Dear Amanda Mendez:
Your reporter, Joy Hoglund, in writing concerning Mountain View council meeting, opined that the mayor stated that my statements concerning the police were "conspiracy theories"...not true. If you go back and watch the video you will hear us discussing the murder of Angela Perkins where I said that the policeman could have been following her as they do me and then killed her. That was what the mayor responded to...not my general complaints. I assure you that they are following me and that your reporter made it seem that this is false.
Your reporters should not give opinion, but stick to the facts. It is the mayor's job to oversee his police department.
P.S. [Police officers following me] is a violation of civil rights under 42 USC 1983/1984
Gwen Reese, Mountain View, Missouri
Editor’s note: The “reporter” in question is contributing writer for Howell County News, Thom Hoglen.

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