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When you think of the power to right wrongs, you hope it starts with the capacity to exercise virtue or moral excellence. This human quality was viewed as scarce by our Founding Fathers so to avoid power grabs and outright tyranny, they designed a government in which the people could have a check on its component parts. So the structures of legislative, executive and judiciary checked on and balanced each other. Again, such workings within our government are best achieved by those with virtue, namely courage; courage being strength in the face of pain or grief. In our system of government we have come to see the workings of our Congress and Executive Branch. We are able to check on them by elections, recalls and media pressure.  However, in the face of the Solomon-like power of our highest court, we are not only not represented by its members, understanding of its decisions or non-decisions, but we, it appears, are blithely disenfranchised by such legalese as "standing." When 74 million voters see signs of ballot-curing, ballot stuffing, early morning vote tallying without bipartisan poll watchers, supplanting of legislative election laws, failure to disallow dead people voting, out of state voting, rigged electronic vote counts, etc, they deserve more than "you lack standing."  It is time to limit the Supreme Court's power by term limits and putting them on the bench through elections. In that way, there will be 9 activist judges instead of the current 4 plus or minus 1.  I believe this by default as it appears virtue and courage to act as one truly believes is trumped by fear or reprisal.
Carl Stuart, Willow Springs

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