Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
I have a few things on my mind that I would like to share.
I would like to thank Convoy of Hope and all the churches who have been involved in distributing the boxes of food every Thursday. They have gone above and beyond making sure the residents of Willow Springs Senior Housing have received this USDA boxes of food each week. I have received some items that I could use up and have shared them with others who can. Some people have received items they could not use and they have shared them with me and others. We try to take care of each other here.
 Surviving the COVID 19 epidemic has not been easy. Isolating and avoiding shopping is a priority for me. Wearing a mask is also a priority for me. I finally ventured out to do some shopping and found that 90% of the people shopping were not wearing masks. When you fail to wear a mask, it just reinforces the concept that you don’t care about others. I’ve had people tell me that there is no need in wearing them here because we have no active cases in Willow Springs. That could change at any moment. From the sounds of the statistics I think I’m ready to isolate again. I see no end in sight for this dreadful disease. As long as we have the leadership (or lack thereof) in the White House, we’ll never stop the spread of COVID 19. He treats it as if it’s nothing and uses it to throw out his racial slurs and uses it to get people riled up to fight against any rules put in order.
I would also like to mention the fact that Saturday night, June 20, someone came into our village and decided that what belonged to people here should be theirs for the taking. We had 3 wagons that were shared by everyone who needed to use one. They were so handy for people moving in or out. Also several flower planters were taken. Most of us here cannot afford to replace these items. I hope whoever the low-life people are who took them, needed what little money they’d bring worse than we do. Most of us would help anyone who needed help. However, I have no use for a thief.
Again, many thanks to all who have helped supply us with food during this trying time. It helps balance out the bad events.

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