Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
To say that I’m angry about the Presidential Election of 2020, is only part of the story; I am heartbroken.  Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should be heartbroken too.  
It is already apparent that the strong economy, and other significant gains of the Trump Presidency are being shredded, and each citizen will ultimately pay a price due to the shortsighted Biden Administration.  When you couple this dramatic change in Governance along with the shutdowns of Business in our Nation due to COVID, it isn’t overstatement to say that our Republic may not survive.
This Administration has declared war on fossil fuels. Closing the Keystone Pipeline is just the beginning.  Gas prices have already begun to climb, so each of us will pay more to fill our vehicles each week.  That isn’t all though, every item we purchase will cost more because it will cost more to transport it from the factory to the store.  That isn’t the real tragedy though, America was energy independent, with us producing more energy than we needed, yes we had a surplus..  Finally, we weren’t paying the Middle East for our petroleum needs.  That will change with this Administration’s energy policies, we will be importing oil again, perhaps gas too.  Yes, likely from the Middle East, and perhaps Russia too.
Congress has lost its mind when it comes to spending, they passed approximately a $2 trillion spending bill that funds the U.S. government through the 2021 fiscal year. Part of the spending bill includes a $900 billion coronavirus relief package, that’s $600 per taxpayer in most instances, along with help for other things like unemployment extensions, etc.  Here is what I find incredibly stupid though, the bill includes foreign aid.  Tell me, why, with the present conditions here in America, do we send taxpayer dollars to foreign countries?  Can anyone answer that question?  That foreign aid was deliberately placed in this Spending Bill which also had the Covid relief package so that it would pass.  The foreign aid cost was about 4.73 billion dollars!  You have to ask yourself why our own Congress hates American Citizens so much.  This should never have happened, and it was engineered to work out this way by the Democrats.  Yes it is a small part of the overall budget, but it didn’t end there.  There is a bunch of pork included which was worthless I’ll not say more about that Bill, but that they will have to borrow the money to pay for this, it will have to be paid back with interest.  The Government will be printing more money, which will cause inflation.  That means that those who have saved for retirement etc. will find out that their savings won’t go as far because those dollars will not be worth as much going forward.  I didn’t vote for Democrats, did you?
There is much that is wrong in D.C.
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs

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