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We Need to be Better Citizens
I hate to break it to you folks, but not only are Americans becoming extinct, but so is America! In addition to children who weren’t raised correctly, the average voter across our land doesn’t care that they continue to vote for Representation in D.C. and our State who go with the flow. I would argue that the best politician votes no on almost all legislation. We already have a legal code which takes lawyers to understand and navigate….Why?
When was the last time you saw our Elected Reps doing what was right for America and Americans? Like him or hate him, our current President is the only politician who has tried to do what is good for all citizens, not just pander to his voting base. I admire the man because unlike the rest of the people we send to political office, he stands his ground and says what many of us are thinking but don’t say because we are too worried what others will think of us, or of losing our jobs.
Folks, that isn’t being a good citizen. Each year for the past 30 or 40 years, our freedoms have been eroded by new laws which are not necessary. I’m not going to belabor this point, but will give my favorite example. Why do we need hate crime legislation? If something is illegal, it is illegal; who cares if the perpetrator has hate in their heart? I would argue that if you are a criminal committing that crime, you already have hate in your heart. You don’t eliminate hate crimes, or any other crime by passing a new law. You get rid of them by enforcing the laws already on the books. We seem to forget that if someone is murdered that the death penalty ensures that the criminal never gets a chance to repeat. Look at the stats, these days too many are repeat offenders. Who suffers? Why the law abiding citizens do. This is more true in the large urban areas where enlightened rulers have for decades been soft on crime. I’ll just name Chicago and Baltimore as leading examples with New York City working hard to catch up.
How many of you have written or called your elected representatives? Would I be wrong if I said I believe that less than 20% have done so? I’ll bet I’m not far off because we citizens seem to forget that we are supposed to be the group which governs our Nation. Politicians only represent us, and then from all appearances only infrequently. The Politicians can’t/won’t do their jobs if you don’t do yours!
A prime example of this is the Bill which the Republicans are trying to get passed to reign in and train the police. I’m sorry, the police already are governed by the same laws all the rest of us are. If they break the law they should suffer the same consequences. They should receive leeway when a suspect is resisting arrest. Sorry, in my law abiding mind if you resist arrest and are harmed or killed, you deserve what you get. The police are the only thing standing between those who obey the laws and want to live in peace, and the criminals. Only fools and criminals want to dissolve police. Before someone brings it up, there are bad police, but they are very few and far between. There are millions of interactions between police and citizens each year, and only a tiny fraction of a percent cause harm, and almost all those which did cause harm were not the officer’s fault.
Pick up the phone, call your Representatives and tell them what you think on matters local, and national. Again, they can’t do their jobs if you don’t do yours. Freedom isn’t free, someone else paid the price in battle and blood for the freedoms we have today. It will be a sad day for you, your kids, or grandkids if you allow your rights and freedoms to be dissolved by lunatics who only want the power to control you and this country. Who would have thought just 20 years ago that you could be fired from your job for having an opinion which was currently unpopular? If you are law abiding, and don’t know what I’m talking about, see Stalin’s purges, Mao’s Revolution, the French Revolution, and any other socialist/communist revolution. Over 100 million have died in the past 100 years...the result of the same sort of civil unrest and lawlessness that we see in America today. It’s up to each of us to stop that from happening. Do we have the backbone to stop it? It’s up to us. Don’t procrastinate; call your Representatives and read them the riot act, they are paid a handsome salary with great benefits to work for us.
One more thing please, when you meet a law enforcement officer on the street, in a restaurant, or anywhere else, take a moment and thank them for the risks they assume for all of us, and the hard job they do every day. It’s easy to forget that theirs might be the most difficult job in this country, local, state and federal.

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