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In reading the letter to the editor from Mayor Donnie Pruett regarding Randy Reese's letter to the editor the week before, I became bemused by the rantings of an arrogant and egotistical individual who uses his position as mayor to fire people because of personal vendettas. This same person now wants to put the past behind him and heal the division in the community that he created. Where was this attitude when he fired an individual from the Pro Shop at the Mountain View Golf Course because he was being berated by the employee's husband? When I questioned this firing with the Mayor in the parking lot of the golf course the same day that it happened, he told me that he was tired of being berated by her husband and also said that her husband said he didn't have the authority to fire her and he further stated, “I showed him that I did have the authority."
Does this sound like the way a Mayor should use his position?
He then has the brazen boldness to call Mr. Reese who has the data to back his position in his letter, a disgruntled and angry ex-employee for questioning his decisions as they relate to the golf course. This is a classic example of a sophist who tries to infer someone has a vendetta against him and is therefore spreading falsehoods.
He now wants the community to come together and forget the past. I for one do not see this happening until next April when he is voted out of office.
Desmond Miller (former banned member of Mountain View Golf Course)
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