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This letter is in response to the letter posted on August 25th by Mr. Woolsey and Mr. Miller. First off, neither one of these men live in the city limits of Mountain View.  So the only thing they know is what they have been told by person that have an axe to grind. 
Mayor Donnie Pruett, the City Council, City Hall employees, and all of the city employees have been working tirelessly to bring the city out of what was almost bankruptcy by the former City Administrator.
I feel it was uncalled for to threaten the Mayor. He was very restrained not to bring charges against Mr. Reese. Now his so called friend has threatened the Mayor to tread lightly.
There have been many improvements on the watering system at the Golf course.  The workers had to use metal detectors to find watering heads that were covered up with several inches of dirt and leaves. (They hadn’t been used.)  The pool was not mismanaged, it had a leak that was found and had to be shut down.
Grants have been approved for the city to fix the pool, parks, city streets and airport.  They will be made available in the fall.  This was made possible by very hard work from the City Hall workers.
This Soap Opera drama over the Golf Course is really ridiculous.  And I do feel it’s driven by former employees. 
Our City is very proud of the library.  I don’t feel $20 a year is too much to ask for the citizens out of the city limits to help pay for operating costs.
I am very proud to stand up for the Mayor and all of the employees that work so hard for the city.   Thank you for allowing me to have a chance to state the other side.
Sharon Beavers
Publisher’s note: This opinion letter marks the fifth and final I will print on the subject of the Mountain View Municipal Golf Course. I have facilitated parties to answer criticisms and have allowed a certain back-and-forth in the interest in giving vent to both sides of this clearly controversial topic.
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