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CRT. Critical Race Theory. This is a term used to soften the reality of the Marxist agenda that it
represents. Of course under this administration of moral and family values degradation, the communist agenda to divide by race and control, conquer is alive and well. All an intelligent person needs to do is research where this comes from, pushed by the liberal college professors to destroy this country.
But let's ignore the huge embarrassment that just took place from Afghanistan by the same administration that is pushing CRT to be taught in public schools to race bait even more. Anyone with Christian values knows that this agenda is focused on destroying family values by poisoning young people's minds to believe that if they are white then they should be ashamed and give up what has been worked for to another person of color. Now that seems racist to expect someone to give you what they have worked for just because you are a person of color.
Just my 2 cents worth, research where this CRT is coming from and you will find it in the writing of Karl Marx, the 50 ways to advance the Communist manifestos.
Don't be taken in, the agenda to destroy all Christian beliefs is alive and well in the public school system. Be proactive and involved in the curriculum of what is being taught to your children.
Ralph E. Alkire Sr., Willow Springs
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