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August 4th Primary
This has been a very difficult year for those of us who live in Missouri’s southern rural areas.  Over 100,00 children were removed from Medicaid and now we are dealing with the Corona Virus pandemic disrupting our lives, not only medically but financially. 
Missourians will be voting on Missouri Amendment #2 (Medicaid expansion for the state). Voting Yes on Amendment #2 will expand Medicaid so that more than 230,000 Missourians will gain access to health care.  It would also bring more money to Missouri every year to help more hospitals provide more care to more Missourians.  We have already had 9 hospitals close; we cannot afford to have more hospitals close!
In this primary, Missourians will be voting on numerous candidates to winnow down the field for the November elections.  Missourians will be voting for US House District 8 (held by Jason Smith), Secretary of State (held by Jay Ashcroft), Missouri Treasurer (held by Scott Fitzpatrick), Attorney General (held by Eric Schmitt), Governor (held by Mike Parsons) and Lt. Governor (held by Mike Kehoe).  Up for grabs are Senate District 33 and House District 142.  
So many are frustrated and extremely disappointed in the current elected leaders of our districts and state.   There is a chance to put that frustration to work ----by voting in the very important August 4th primary!  
Voting is the only way we can start to see some changes. We need honest, caring and accountable individuals to represent us. 
If you have changed your name or address or if you have not registered to vote, now is the time to do it.  The last date to update your voter information or register is July 8th.  Do it in person or online.
As the saying goes----Just Do It!

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