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Dear Editor,
I’m writing to provide a counter view on Mr. Vokac’s “Letter to the Editor” printed in the Howell County News issue dated September 1.
First of all, Critical race theory, was drawn from roots laid down by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  You might remember Marx because Marxism was named after him. Engles isn’t as well known but contributed to the foundation of Marxism.  As Mr. Vokac stated, Critical race theory (hereafter called CRT) came out of Harvard University.  Note that the students, and Professors of Harvard are some of the most privileged people in the United States.  Now I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see much common sense displayed by these sorts of people. They live in a world where they are untouched by the realities that we common people face each day. They are academics, elites if you will.  They don’t know the worry about the rent, car payments, insurance bills, and medical needs for our families. I guess what I’m saying is that they live in ivory towers. They come up with many ideas, but many of those ideas are not practical in the real world outside the university’s campus.  Some of those ideas are downright frightening to me, CRT is one which should be stamped out. We are no longer a racist nation, that is a Leftist lie. 
Christopher Rufo, mentioned by Mr. Vokac, stated the following “Critical race theory is the idea that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and that all of our institutions including the law, culture, business, the economy are all designed to maintain white supremacy. And the critical race theorists argue that all of these institutions are in a sense beyond reforming, they really need to be completely dismantled in order to liberate the oppressed people.”
Does that sound revolutionary to you?  That’s what CRT proposes, dismantling law, legislation, education, economy, all the while blaming it on white men and women.  Of course, someone needs to be in charge while they come up with replacements for those things; I wonder who they will choose to be in charge?  
Seriously folks, some first-grade teachers have divided their classes into groups of oppressors and oppressed, shaming the whites in the class and encouraging the people of color to denigrate and shame them as well.  It’s happening in all grades, in many places. Does that sound American to you?  That is one example, there are hundreds. Look on the internet, there are many more examples there. 
It turns out that CRT is big business.  How big?  Some estimates run as high as $8 billion a year for CRT proponents who are training folks of all races in Major Corporations, Colleges, Government, and even our Military.  It isn’t training, it is lying, and drives another leftist wedge between we citizens.  No Mr. Vokac, CRT isn’t some harmless program which is good for all.  It is a blatant attempt to destroy capitalism and our nation, the founders of CRT have said so, it is their intent to destroy America.  
We’ve had a black president, black generals, black Supreme Court Justices, black drs., black lawyers, and at this time multiple people of color are running for Governors of their states.  I could go on, but why? We don’t need a dreamed-up problem dividing us, we have enough real problems, none are solved by CRT.  I’ve never been an oppressor, and I’ll bet you haven’t been either.
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs
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