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I would like to personally thank all the communities and residents of Texas County (and surrounding areas) for the privilege and honor to serve as CEO of Texas County Memorial Hospital for the past 18 1/2 years.  
When I interviewed for the position 19 years ago, one specific Board member asked one question that resonated with me for my entire tenure.  "How will you help bring better healthcare to the patients of TCMH?"  That simple question became the first step in a process the Administrative Team considered in making every decision.
I'd like to thank the employees, medical staff, department managers, and Administrative Team.  It is only with their support and belief in putting the patients first, did anything get accomplished. It was an honor to work for you.
 In my heart,  I will always keep a special place for the thirteen employees and four board members that passed away during my tenure.    
I worked at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees and I truly thank them for their support and guidance along the way. I ask the registered voters of Texas County to continue electing the best Board of Trustee candidates possible, who will serve in the best interest of local healthcare needs to keep and grow TCMH.  It is imperative to have a thriving hospital in our area. 
 Again, I thank the residents of the communities we serve, many of which I had the privilege to meet.  Local support led the growth and advancement of TCMH over nearly the last two decades and is needed to continue its growth. 
It was an honor to serve you, and we did our best to bring better healthcare to the patients of TCMH.  May God bless you.
Wes Murray, Retired resident of Texas County
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