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A Representative is supposed to represent the needs of his constituents. Jason Smith represents the desires of the out of state billionaires who created the far right think tanks that hand-picked him and funded his campaigns. His major accomplishment has been voting against every regulation that would keep workers, families, and the local environment safer and more healthy.
I can say without reservation that Jason will not vote for the critical infrastructure improvements needed to make our roads, bridges, water, and power safer and more reliable. The Ozarks needs high speed Internet in order to compete for new jobs, improve educational opportunities and allow individual sales of arts, crafts and other services. Despite Federal money being available, Jason has done little to hurry the process along. He has, however, proposed that we "tax the sun", (actual Smith statement in Congress").
He will not vote to reduce the cost of medical care and medicines. He has voted against improvements to the purity of water in our rivers and aquifers, prevention of toxic waste disposal, clean energy, and more breathable air. He has voted against access to affordable higher education and job training. He did, of course, vote for tax breaks for the wealthiest, and restricting the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, (OSHA), from enforcing rules that protect you and your family members at work.
Jason Smith has been a reliable tool for corporations and the wealthy. He is supposed to be a reliable tool for us. Hold him accountable.
David Calhoun, Willow Springs
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