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How to destroy a Nation
If you haven’t been paying attention to the news for the past month or so you have missed the beginning of the end of our Country.  No, that isn’t an over statement. It is a fact.  If President Trump doesn’t win re-election, kiss your freedoms goodbye!  That said, we have too many in Washington and State Legislatures who dislike our President intensely.  Yet, he is one of the few who speaks plainly and shares his vision with anyone who has ears which listen.  I’ve yet to hear him say anything which is Anti-American despite what the Media would have you believe.  
The trouble today is that too many Americans are Americans in name only.  The spirit of self reliance, honesty, and guts is missing in huge sections of our population.  These people just want to reap the rewards of citizenship without doing anything to earn it, or insure that it will be passed on to future generations.  
Today, there are Marxists rioting and burning down the businesses of their own cities.  They ignore our laws, and many assaults and riots around our Nation can be attributed to their perverse ideology.  Our Constitution allows us to peaceably gather and demonstrate against perceived injustice.  There is nothing peaceful about what is going on in these cities.  How many of you know what is going on in Portland, Chicago, New York City, Detroit, St. Louis, Seattle, Baltimore, Atlanta?  Let’s not forget California which has multiple large cities with rioting and lawlessness too!  Sadly, the Mayors of these towns don’t see a problem.  Every day more bodies pile up across the Nation due to the Marxists, criminals, and uncaring politicians.  These groups feed off the violence and unrest their followers create.  In the meantime in these cities, Police are told to stand down, and not interfere with the rioters. Think it is only a big city problem?  No, it spreads like a cancer.  
Apparently, most of the Democrats in D.C., as well as too many Republicans support this anarchy; that’s what it is you know.  This in turn enables the State Legislatures and Mayors of these cities to ignore our laws as well.  As a bonus, these politicians all can point their fingers at each other and grandstand for the news cameras and blame one another.  Most are not addressing the problem but they put on a great show.  
How many of you have called your Senators, Congressman?  How many of you have called your State Reps?  Do you think that this will go away if you don’t take action?  It won’t, and if you don’t care enough to support our Constitution, Federal Laws, State and Local Laws, you are hastening the demise of our Republic.  I know life is busy, but if you don’t care enough to be a good Citizen of this Nation, a steward of this Country, which has given so much to so many, frankly you don’t deserve the gifts our Founders gave to you, and that so many died to protect and pass on to you.  You might not like my opinion on this, but “We the people” are meant to rule this Nation, not Politicians, and certainly not Marxists, and Criminals.
When you remain silent, it is easy for your Government to take away your rights.  When you don’t support our Police, or demean their sacrifices on our behalf, you enable the criminals to make you their next victim.  When you vote for a Candidate who is soft on crime, as was done for 30 years in this Nation, you deserve the unrest and anarchy you will invariably get.  Look around...
Troy Galebach
Willow Springs, MO

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