An Open Letter

Just a heads up to my community.
Last fall, Intercounty Electric’s clearing crew came through our area. Clearing for the electric lines is understandable and to be expected. Unnecessary and dangerous destruction is not.
Down our road, several survey markers were badly damaged. The expense of another survey and repair of markers is not cheap.
Trees were cut haphazardly and incompletely, leaving unsightly and dangerous debris in roadsides and in the creek bed. Several days later when it rained that debris blocked the tin whistles or our low water bridge.
Water came over the bridge, creating a dangerous situation. The people who live down this road from that bridge could not safely drive through the high water. It is the only way out for all of us. 
Large trees were cut and fell into fence lines, creating more dangerous conditions. For example, cattle getting out of pastures and onto the highway is dangerous.
How can we keep this from happening?
I appreciate my Intercounty Electric Coop. They are great people doing great work! I thank them. When the electric goes out, I know they are working as fast as possible to get our power back on. The office staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you to them all.
But please do be aware that the creation of these dangerous and unnecessary conditions is uncalled for.
George Jett & Alice Jett, Mountain Grove
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